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Every New Zealander should be able to enjoy a secure and fulfilling lifestyle in later life. Freedom Lifestyle Village offers a fairer deal for people who want this quality in their lives without the associated cost.

Freedom is a real answer for over-50s who want a modern, architecturally designed house and lifestyle, set in a quality location and community, all at an affordable price. It IS possible – call us now so we can show you through one of our Village developments.

As our name suggests, Freedom Lifestyle Villages will give you more choices around living independently and affordably in your home – and having the time of your life.

Each Freedom Lifestyle Village is architecturally designed and future-proofed to suit our active over-50s resident. Whether they’re working, volunteering in the wider community, or fully retired, they are all enjoying the things they love – including sports, leisure pursuits, travel, and having friends to stay.

The Freedom difference? Gorgeous designs with fully maintained gardens, grounds and community facilities. Expect a very friendly village community, greater personal and financial security and high-quality low-maintenance homes. Our residents enjoy knowing their pre-set costs, with living and maintenance expenses often considerably less than in their previous homes.

Importantly, the Freedom Lifestyle Villages model provides for every resident to enjoy any capital gain when their house is sold, after exit fees (see Lifetime Site Agreement for terms and conditions).

Pictured: Irene, Freedom resident

Freedom residents love the community spirit and active social calendar in our villages. Each village features an impressive and uniquely designed Village Centre, which is the hub of social get-togethers and leisure activity. Other communal facilities to be enjoyed at each village include Blokes Sheds and a complimentary self-drive village van.

Regular gatherings and events provide a strong village support network and friendships, enabling residents to remain independent while also being part of a super-friendly, engaging neighbourhood. Enjoy as much or as little social contact as you wish, when you wish!

Pictured: Don and Clare, Freedom residents

The Freedom point of difference is that our residents enjoy a share in any capital gain if you need to move on to a new location (subject to market conditions). Freedom is a registered retirement village, providing the trust and security that comes with this Government-regulated certification.

Our residents can relax knowing they are safer in the village thanks to CCTV cameras, regular security patrols and an open door to the Village Manager.


Freedom Lifestyle Villages was established in 2012 especially to cater for the growing 50-plus age group market who want to unlock the capital tied up in their house.

Research on baby boomers revealed that a growing number of New Zealanders will retire still owing money on their home, or with only modest savings to see them through their retirement years. Planning ahead is essential for long term financial wellbeing. We believe the lifestyle solution is relocating and downsizing to live a larger life, in a safe and secure community.

Our founders conducted in-depth reviews of lifestyle and retirement communities in the USA, Europe and Australia, to incorporate some of their benefits into our unique solutions for New Zealand.

The company was launched with the purpose of providing independent living villages that are well-built, modern and affordable, in the best possible locations.

Freedom Lifestyle Villages launched its inaugural village, Papamoa Sands, in late 2013. The village was officially opened in July 2014 by then Prime Minister, Rt Hon Sir John Key. In August 2016, Papamoa Sands was selected to feature on TVNZs The Hard Stuff with Nigel Latta, in an episode called The Retirement Bomb.

The outstanding success of Papamoa Sands and acceptance of our unique equity-sharing model has proven the demand in New Zealand for our new solution to lifestyle living. It has paved the way for planned expansion of our portfolio of villages, from the Central North Island to further afield.

Freedoms unique financial model, offering a fairer deal to residents, is a hit with the over-50s and active retirees wishing to enjoy a high quality of affordable independent living in a community of like-minded people, while preserving their capital.


The Board of Freedom Lifestyle Villages brings a collective strength to Freedoms retirement lifestyle living solutions, with decades of experience in successful business, community service and property development.

Alan Morris

Executive Chairman

Jacob Van Het Wout

Managing Director

Rene Verhoeven

General Manager, Director

Dr John Calder


Bill Smale

QSM, Director
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