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Covid-19 Update

7 September 2021
Freedom Lifestyle Villages COVID website update

It is so encouraging to see the Alert Levels continue to come down for all areas outside of Auckland. As of Wednesday 8 September, all Freedom Lifestyle Villages will move from Level 3 to the new Delta Level 2. This means we will now be able to see more of a return to business as usual as well as enjoy the chance to catch up with friends and family we have not seen for a few weeks. However, there are a few twists in the tale for Delta Level 2.


It is still about playing it safe, and the health, safety and wellbeing of our residents and staff remains our primary focus. Life at Alert Level 2 means we can resume many of our everyday activities – but we must do it safely with a few extra safety measures in place.

First, those villages with gates will see them open and village centres will be open for use by residents. However, we acknowledge that COVID loves crowds and with the Delta variant being aerosol and able to stay in the air for some time, Freedom Lifestyle Villages will continue to implement best-practice measures that support Government recommendations as well as those we believe will help minimise any risk in spreading COVID.

These include the following:

  • Gyms and libraries are available for use again, as are resident workshops. In these smaller spaces, 2 metre distancing is a requirement. Whether you can have 1 or 2 people in these amenities at any one time will be dictated by the size of the space.
  • Gatherings of up to 50 people indoors can happen, and 100 people for outdoor events. This means that happy hours, group activities, morning teas etc can resume – as long as there is a 1 metre physical distance between people. Where food and drink are available there is no standing and gathering around a bar or morning tea table, and there should be single servers per table.
  • The village van is available for resident use – keeping space between seats and mask wearing will be essential, as will sanitising the high touch areas before and after use. It is the responsibility of the village van driver to ensure these happen.
  • All visitors staying overnight with, or intending to stay with, residents to will still need to complete a declaration form confirming their travel history, contact with COVID-19 and anyone in self-isolation.
  • Ongoing promotion of physical distancing and good hand hygiene will remain with sanitisation stations available in high touch areas such as mail rooms

This is where some of the key differences lie with Delta Level 2. As of 7 September 2021, contact tracing is a legal requirement for each one of us. All visitors to the Village Centre and other amenities, including residents, should scan or write in the contact tracing register. If the Delta variant does make its way into the village, knowing where and when all visitors were will become critical information for contact tracing.

Equally, maintaining a register of all attendees for any activity is important. This will be the responsibility of every activity organiser to manage. Copies of contact tracing registers to use, can be obtained from village management teams.

Distancing and mask wearing is also important. All staff are required to wear masks out and about in the village, and when meeting with residents. Where mask wearing is not practical staff will maintain 2 metre distancing with all residents. Office doors will remain closed during Level 2, although the sliding glass windows will be open. All visitors to the village are asked to respect the distance requirements with our team.

All visitors to villages should also wear masks when moving around the village, including residents. However please remember that some people are exempt from wearing masks for medical reasons.


Maintenance work around the village will pick up where it was left prior to Lockdown, and all residents are able to have tradespeople coming into their home. Distancing remains critical for this to occur, and everyone is asked to respect 2 metre distancing when tradespeople are in the home.

Supermarket and pharmacy collections by the village management team will cease, however, for those that still require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your village manager.


Despite the restrictions with Delta Level 2, village management teams remain committed to ensuring that the lifestyle in the village remains one we can all be proud of. The smiles behind the masks are huge as we look forward to seeing everyone once again!

Freedom Lifestyle Villages would like to thank all our residents, staff, contractors and suppliers for the efforts they are taking to ensure the wellbeing of everyone in the village is maintained.

The government will review the Alert Levels for the country again on Monday 13 September. Until then, please do keep playing it safe and continue to be kind.

Ngā mihi nui.